A more or less random list of books and films in which Budapest runs in, under, and through the narrative:


A more or less random list of books in which Budapest runs in, under, and through the narrative:

  1. Ernö Szep, The Smell of Humans

  2. Sandor Marai, Casanova in Balzano

  3. Sándor Márai, The Rebels

  4. Michael Korda, Journey to a Revolution

  5. Gregor von Rezzori, Memoirs of an Anti-Semite

  6. Péter Nádas, A Book of Memories

  7. Judith Magyar Isaacson, Seed of Sarah:Memoir of a Survivor

  8. George Lang, Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen

  9. Ladislas Farago, Strictly From Hungary

  10. George Konrad, Stranger in My Own Country

  11. Andre Kertész, ... all his oeuvres

  12. Ferenc Molnar, The Pal Street Boys (Hungarian iconic children's classic)

  13. Andrew Grove, Swimming Across

  14. Gyula Krúdy, ... all his oeuvres

  15. George Szirtes, ... all his oeuvres

  16. George Falüdy, ... all his oeuvres

  17. Péter Eszterházy, ... all his oeuvres

  18. Susan Rubin Suleiman, Budapest Diary

  19. Charles Gati, Failed Illusions

Guidebooks (a critical listing)

  1. András Török, Budapest: A Critical Guide - The best and hardest to find outside Budapest; in Budapest shops it's easy to obtain and well worth the effort

  2. Michael Jacobs, Budapest (a Granta City Guide) - The best in the old Baedecker style of guidebooks that provide an intellectually challenging cultural history of their subject

  3. Bob Dent, Budapest: A Cultural History - top runner up to the Jacobs book

  4. The TimeOut Guide to Budapest - The Best of the What's Where? guidebooks...selective and generally accurate assessments of restaurants, shops, sights, pubs, cafés, and cultural venues

  5. Duncan Smith, Only in Budapest - wonderful in both content and format: a large helping of slightly off-the-beaten-tourbus sights with a photo and about a page of text devoted to each

  6. Bradt Mini-Guide to Budapest (new edition due out soon) - a small, witty, insider's perspective; not bad at all

and, of course, my father's tongue-in-cheek guide to Budapest between the wars, as an Amazon reviewer put it, "a gem of a book that will never be out of date, no matter how many years pass. A form of writing that lifts the spirit and leaves you feeling deeply satisfied":

  1. Ladislas Farago, Strictly From Hungary

Films of and about Budapest the concept, if not the geographic entity


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