post offices


The main post office for Budapest is on Petöfi Sandor utca, but to be candid there’s nothing about the Main Post Office that makes it much different from the other Budapest branches for most tourist purposes.  They all will sell stamps and accept packages and act surly and don’t speak English and tell you to go from one line to another.  Everyone around you seems to know what they are doing, but if you do what you think they are doing it never seems to work, but you’ll probably get by.  At the Main Post Office, for stamps, and an English speaking teller, you might try Window 20.  Here is the main post office, near Deak ter and Astoria:

For a list of Post Offices in Budapest, and their hours of operation, take a look at:


How is it possible that to stand across the street from the largest post office in a major world capital and not see it?  How hard can it be to figure out which line to queue on to mail a letter home, or how much it costs to send a postcard? Both can be accomplished easily in Budapest.