The English language expat paper with a British sensibility is the Budapest Sun (“Oh why can’t Indian restaurants in Budapest be more like authentic Indian cuisine in London?”). excellent cultural calendar and good links to Hungarian weather online.  Published weekly on Thursdays. I’m more or less addicted.

Notwithstanding my addiction, the best source for Budapest news and cultural information in English can be found at the irreverent website Pestiside:

Sort of halfway between The Onion and the Budapest Sun.

Also, for more straightlaced news and listings (linked to Pestiside).

There is also, the Budapest Business Journal:

And the Budapest Times:

(This last is also available in German: (both versions are German-owned, I believe)).

The International Herald Tribune is available at many major newsstands and kiosks, especially in tourist areas; daily except Sundays, usually after 11:00 am.  At the entry to the Gresham Palace Kavehaz there’s a small table where they leave copies of the NY Times email edition printed out and you can simply take one if you act like you belong there.


Part of traveling can be, perhaps should be, getting unstuck in time, letting go of news and newspapers, letting the world go on while you slow down.  And yet...