There are basically no coin-operated public laundromats or laundries in downtown Budapest, though there are dry cleaners and the dry cleaners will do laundry as well.  Both services are relatively pricey (comparable to New York) and take several days.  They also tend not to speak anything but Hungarian.  We use one on Királyi Pál utca almost at Vamhaz körut, but there are others sprinkled about, and there is the recent addition of a small chain of dry cleaner/laundries that offer good work, at moderate-to-high prices and (for an additional price that brings it up to about NYC standard pricing) optional express service (4 hour turnaround; the surcharge is 60% over the 24 hour price).  They are called TisztaKek and one is located on Vamhaz Korut (#16) between Kalvin ter and the Central Market, while another is located on Rakoczi ut (#2) just off Astoria, and the third is on Terez körut (#120) near the WestEnd Mall.  They are open M-F 07:00-20:00 and (only on Rakoczi) on Saturdays 08:00-14:00.

Others in the center of town include one on the corner of Varoshaz and Varmegye utcas, a block from the Gerloczy Café.  It seems to be the closest thing to a Laundromat that we have found, but be forewarned that it is neither cheap nor fast.

I’ve not used it, but the TimeOut guide says that there is one that will also pick up and deliver.  I have no idea whether they speak anything other than Hungarian, but they are very close to the Mariott, near the river. 


Everyone I know who visits Budapest believes it would be a very profitable business to open a coin-op laundry (perhaps with a café or with internet access.  Everyone I know who actually lives in Budapest believes that there is no market whatsoever for the venture... The people who live in Budapest want the contact info of the people who visit Budapest, as they have a number of beautiful historic bridges crossing the Danube that they would like to sell to them....

Fooled you! There aren’t any.