fixing broken stuff


Computer repair and parts:

If you are looking for PC parts or repair, there is a tiny shop very near the Great Synagogue…It is #3 on Rumbach Sebestyen, off Dob (towards Kiraly) and is called Mandarin Pro Kft (phone 06 20 99 99 094). 

Or try the computer shop at 44 Ráday (they seem also to have an affinity for Apple computers, or perhaps it’s just iPods). 

An Apple-only store has just opened that is modest by Apple Store standards in other large cities (it is called iStyle and is not owned by Apple but seems in some sense to have been sanctioned by them…they use much of the Apple Store marketing material).  They are right at the start of Andrassy ut, #A4 I believe, on the north side of Andrassy, just east of Bajscy-Zsilinszky, if north, south, east, and west have any meaning in  a city that orients around circular roads.  They have a second store further out.

Suitcase repair

An obscure requirement, but when needed an urgent one.  There is a wonderful guy who does suitcase repair very near Oktogon , and who can do it swiftly in an emergency, at reasonable prices.  The shop is upstairs (one flight up) in the building at Terez körut 6.  Go to the entry and ring number 36 (it’s marked Taska or something like that).  Once in the building go up one floor and look for the door with the word Taska on it and the picture of a briefcase.  He speaks relatively little English but is fluent in suitcase.

Shoe repair

There are lots of tiny shops that do shoe repair, most often in conjunction with making keys. Watch out for signs that say Csipos (shoes) or Kulcsmasolas (locksmith, more or less).  My favorite shoe repair guy is on Klauzal ter, around the square from the Kadar etkezde, but I have no particular reason for the preference other than the range of work i see stacked on his shelves.


Speaking of making keys, there is a chain of Mister Minit key/shoe repair shops in every mall and they do a good job and have a wide array of blanks.  There is a very able guy just off Kalvin ter, in the corner building where Lonyay utca starts.  And an equally good shop in the entryway of the building between Vapiano and the BAV antique gallery on Becsi utca around the corner from the Meridien and Kempinski hotels.

But if you have a serious lock challenge, there's really only one place to go: Aranykulcs (Gold Key) on Victor Hugo utca not far from the West End Mall:

I have had more calamities in Budapest than everything else put together, and there hasn't been one that was beyond their capacity.  All the other locksmiths who failed have sent me here when they've conceded defeat.


There are many.  The word for tailor is szabo, but clothing repair is Ruhaszerviz.  For repairs, we use one in the center of town at Szervita ter #5 on the 4th floor (see above).  They are relatively fast but not while-you-wait; quite able; relatively reasonably priced (though not the bargain you might expect in Budapest); and speak several languages at least a bit.


Sooner or later everything breaks, and Farago's Law says that when it does it will happen in a country where you don't speak the language, much less know the word for 'zipper.'