women's clothing


For women, there are plainly shops all over, so this is at best a scattershot suggestion of shops in places that seemed surprising at the time:

Near Szervita ter, in an alley of a building that appears to be either closed for reconstruction or simply condemned, there are a couple of very interesting designer shops.  If you look right as you walk south on Petöfi utca towards Parizsi,  and continue past a fabric shop to a smaller fabric shop that rounds a sort of corner you'll see an alleyway/courtyard in which construction seems to be underway.  Often there is a rack of clothing near the entryway, luring shoppers to the store in the construction zone.  The dresses are primarily linen and designed with a clean, Spartan eye.  The prices are good for the quality of the work.  The shop's logo looks like this (Udvarhelyi Gyöngyvér ... Courtyard Joan, more or less...):

For more cutting edge design, there are two stores called Retrock on two small streets not far from the center of town: Henszlmann Imre utca 1 and Ferenczy Istvan utca 2.  If you can pick up a magazine called Budapest Navigator (primarily in Hungarian, available free in shops and perhaps that the tourist information centers), several other similar shops are listed.  These include Artista at Pushkin utca 19; Eclectick at Iranyi utca 20; and aqua-tick at Zrinyi utca 12.  There are also a number of interesting small shops on and around Arany Janos utca between the Gresham Palace and Parliament.

On Vaci utca, near Vörösmarty ter, there is a Marks & Spencer, and, of course, there are malls surrounding the city, seemingly poised to attack, which have branches of the same fashion venues that exist in every major city of the world.  And there is a brand new, very large H&M department store dominating the west side of Vörösmarty ter, open seven days...

For a custom tailor shop, you might try Eva Revesz on Veres Palne utca (#16), about a block or two after Ferenciek tere on the left side of the street as you walk towards it from the north; there is a second shop with different ownership more or less directly across the street.  I have no sense of the quality, though, not having tried either...  If you are at the Central Market, there is a small shop featuring handmade women’s clothing by a local designer on Erkel utca, just off the square behind the market. 

There are second hand shops with an emphasis on retro cloths dotting the Muzeum korut and on to Karoly korut on the side of the korut closer to the Danube.  Many of these are tucked into courtyards, for example in the courtyard at #10 Karolyi korut (one of them there – Bahia – is up on the mezzanine level of the building).  As in other cities, the most edgy shops are in the lowest rent venues, but in Budapest those can be adjacent to very fancy addresses or neighborhoods, just hidden off the street or in rundown buildings and courtyards.

There are several fur shops off Vaci utca on Regiposta utca towards the Danube.  In general, leather and furs seem an excellent value in Budapest and the craftsmanship is often quite high, though it pays to know what one is doing in assessing custom work.


There is a lively avant garde design scene in Budapest, that bubbles up to the surface in shops like Retrock Deluxe, but that is most vibrantly on display if you happen to be in town on a weekend that includes the WAMP design market, outdoors in summers...For the less venturesome (aka older) crowd, there are dressmakers throughout, working from their own designs and yours, including several quite interesting and stylish ones