For custom made men’s boots and shoes, Laszlo Vass off Vaci utca on Harris Koz, or, my preference (and rather less expensive) Istvan Toth, Vamhaz Korut 10.  He started, I think, as a specialist in riding and motorcycle boots, but he has a wide range of shoe styles and considerable skill.  He does the fitting and design, he has a cordwainer who does the actual manufacture.  It's basically just the two of them in a courtyard store and separate workshop.  Neither speaks any English, but he has an assistant who does and on whom he calls as needed.  Vass has ready-made shoes in hi off-Vaci showroom and a workshop away from the center of town for custom made shoes.  He is less personally involved in the operation, his shoes have a slightly more refined, close-to-machine-produced look.  Both workshops use sewing machines (as opposed to fully handmade shoes) so the look is appropriate for business attire.


Two of the world's great custom shoemakers are in Budapest, one more in the middle of the tourist hustle, the other a few blocks away (and more explicitly rooted in its origin as a riding bootery), both well worth a visit is you have a month or so for the process (they'll ship it off to you if you've gone home)...As has always been my experience, it takes a pair to get the fit and the last really shaped to your feet, but from the second pair on it's like no other shoe.