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Wine:  If you are a wine buff, in addition to Bortarsasg a couple of blocks behind the Central Market, there is a small outlet for an upmarket vineyard; it’s just around the corner, on Erkel utca.  And there is a small but rather comprehensive shop specializing in French wines (Francia Borok Haza) at Szarka utca 4 (Szarka utca is so small and short that it is not on most maps, just off Vaci utca, just before the Central Market; it is the next left after Szerb utca, off Vaci, as one walks towards the Central Market, or the next right after So utca as one walks away from the Market on Vaci).  There is also an outlet for all of the labels associated with Zwack (the maker of the distinctive Hungarian bitter aperitif Unicum), at Soroksári út 26 (I am personally partial to the 1993 5 Putanyos Diznoko Tokaji, available there when last I visited). To my tastes the best wine shop in Budapest is the small chain owned by the Budapest Wine Society – Bortarsasag.  The closest one is a small but comprehensive shop on Raday utca (#7), near Kalvin ter.  http://bortarsasag.hu/en/bortarsasag/wine_shops/budapesten 

There is also a small wine and chocolates shop where you can buy an excellent selection of very high end Arvay wines from Tokaj.  To my tastes, these are the best of the Tokajis available and are widely viewed as among the two or three best artisanal Tokajis, period.  They will be available in a limited way in the US beginning in late 2006, but the range available here is broader and the price I think better. The shop is Iz-lelo at Arany Janos 12 utca, a bit north of the Gresham Palace.  If you are looking for a comparatively inexpensive wine that packs the wallop of the very high end tokajis, seek out the Andante cuvee from Grof Degenfeld or the Edes Elet cuvess from Arvay es Tarsa (the top tokajis go for upwards of $90/bottle; these go for about 1/3 that price and are really quite wonderful).

Cheese:  For pricey (but very hard to find in Budapest) French cheeses, there’s a small shop very close to the apartment on Gerlóczy utca.  It’s owned by Tamas Nagy, who also owns the Gerlóczy Café, which is surely the best place to eat within three blocks of the front door (a category that probably sweeps in at least two dozen restaurants).  There is an outlet for artisanal Hungarian cheeses in a small stall by the rearmost entry/exit of the Central Market, in the farmers’ section of the building.

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