Men's Clothing


Men’s clothing seems less venturesome and more rigidly Central European in style, though perhaps I’m just not finding the proper places.  For custom made 19th century Hungarian military uniforms at very reasonable prices, there is a wonderful and somewhat hidden shop off a courtyard around the corner of the Café Gerloczy (if you are facing the Gerloczy from the front, to the left is Gerloczy utca, and to the right is a very short, small street  (Vitkovics Mihaly utca) with a number of interesting shops including a shop that sells peasant painted furniture.  (#12)  The entry is just off the street, in the entryway to the courtyard, and directly opposite, within that entryway, is this tailor’s shop. 

The Hungarian word for tailor is Szabo, so if you are looking for shops that might do custom work, that’s what to look out for.  One such shop that will do men’s slacks (but not jackets) is Eva Revesz on Veres Palne utca (#16), about a block or two after Ferenciek tere on the left side of the street as you walk towards it from the north; they also do women’s custom work, as does a shop more or less directly across the street.  I have no sense of the quality, though, not having tried either. 

I recently came across a men's custom tailor shop that seems excellent and local (unlike the Hong Kong tailor outselts in a number of the large hotels).  English is limited, but the prices seem very good ... Füstös András Paulay Ede utca 49 +36 1 341 4949.

As with women's clothing, leather clothes and furs seem a particularly good value in Budapest, but it pays to know what one is doing when shopping for leatherwork and especially for furs, and I frankly do not.