near the palace of the arts


Basically, if you’re looking for a pre- or post-concert dinner near the Palace of the Arts, you can eat in the restaurant at MUPA itself -- Boheme, -- or you can simply choose not to eat... There’s no place else around. 

Dine early or late, before or after, somewhere on the #2 tram; or eat at Boheme, which is a somewhat dowdy restaurant, recently redecorated in the hopes of de-dowdying it,  The operation was a success but now it feels ... I don't know ... sterile? But it has a remarkably good kitchen for its appearance (god only knows where the picture above was taken), at least based on the Hungarian home cooking dishes I’ve had there. 


The IXth District is perhaps the best example of post-1990 urban planning in Budapest.  In a backwater of town where once horses were slaughtered, junk yards thrived, and the only crowds that gathered were cheering at football matches, the IXth district's mayor has planted the National Theatre, the Palace of the Arts, has drawn hotels and condos and office buildings south along the Danube.  Everything but restaurants...

Eating Before the Concert