vegetarian budapest


[A note for vegetarians:  A vegetarian guest recently suggested that she had good results almost pretty much uniformly in restaurants without vegetarian sections of their menus when she simply said: I don’t eat meat (or whatever level of precision you care to define), please bring me whatever your chef thinks would be the best thing to have that fits my needs.  There are an increasing number of restaurants with vegetarian sections on their menus, including several listed below…Salaam Bombay and the Soul Café spring to mind…but everywhere we’ve been to has been very pleased to accommodate.  On the other hand, light dishes are not necessarily Hungary’s strongest suit, so the vegetable dishes tend to be heavy on eggplant, root vegetables, and potatoes in many places; salads are most commonly laden with heavy mayonnaise-based dressings, and so on, but that’s not a liability limited to the vegetarian side of the menu.]

I want to get Eliane to do justice to this section.  I'd simply note that Bouchon, in addition to being my favorite restaurant, always lists at least one vegetarian dish among its specials.  But more importantly, they will consult with you on just exactly what you'd most like, and then whip it up to order.


Hungarians believe themselves to be exceptions to God's laws...At my bar mitzvah my Orthodox rabbi (born in Budapest) ate pork ..with sour cream in the sauce...And Hungarians firmly believe that there is no incongruity about cooking a Vegetarian dish in lard.  They join my new age friend Eliane Pickermann in secretly believing that  libamaj (foie gras) grows on a small bush in the countryside.  This is no country for vegetarians without a sense of humor.